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August 25-27, 2017

  • Maximum roster: six players & one goalie

  • $300 entrance fee (full payment is required at the time of registration)

  • Three games guaranteed (games consist of two 18-minute periods)


3 on 3 Roller Hockey Tournament Schedule


Elite Division                            

1) Grim Reefers                                     

2) Blazers                                   

3) Kings                                           


Rec. Division

1) Hawks    

2) Pink Panthers               

3) Flintstones  

4) Central City Buzz


1) Eagles

2) Zombies (black)

3) Zombies (green)

4) Surrey Sasquatch

5) Team Hextal


Friday, August 25

7:00pm   Surrey Sasquatch vs Zombies (black)

7:45pm   Zombies (green) vs Eagles

8:30pm   Hawks vs Buzz

9:15pm   Pink Panthers vs Buzz

10:00pm Grim Reefers vs Kings


Saturday, August 26

11:30am Team Hextal vs Zombies (green)

12:15pm Grim Reefers vs Blazers

1:00pm   Zombies (green) vs Zombies (black)

1:45pm   Central City Buzz vs Flintstones

2:30pm   Eagles vs Zomies (black)

3:15pm   Team Hextal vs Eagles

4:00pm   Sasquatch vs Zombies (green)

4:45pm   Flintstones vs Pink Panthers

5:30pm   Pink Panthers vs Hawks


Sunday, August 27

10:30am   Blazers vs Kings

11:15am   Surrey Sasquatch vs Team Hextal

12:00pm   Flintstones vs Hawks

12:45pm   1st vs 4th (35+ /Beginner)

 1:30pm    2nd vs 3rd (35+/Beginner)

 2:15pm    2nd vs 3rd (Elite)

 3:00pm    2nd vs 3rd (Rec.)

 3:45pm    1st vs winner 2nd/3rd (Elite FINAL)

 4:30pm    1st vs winner 2nd vs 3rd (Rec. FINAL)

 5:15pm    winner 1st/4th vs winner  2nd/3rd (35+/Beginner FINAL)


Equalizer rule for tournament.

Any team down by 4 or more goals will be permitted to add an extra player. If the score differential returns to 3 or less, the team will remove the extra player.


Team rankings are determined by.

1) points

2) head to head

3) most wins

4) fewest goals allowed

5) coin toss

Call 604-584-3887 or email to register

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